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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 3:14 PM
Old people activities?

"Hey Lenna, what kind of activities would you recommend to old people like myself?"

I pretty much am an old person stuck in a 24 year old body so this is pretty easy to answer, I thought.

From the little knowledge I know about the man, I gave him the safe answer, "Well, I personally really enjoy doing all sorts of challenging puzzles," I briefly mentioned.

I can see myself continuing my art practice when I grow old and retire (maybe by that time I'll be able to afford massive amounts of oils and canvases and pigment and etc etc), having my own studio space (hopefully in my own, humble home) and doing all sorts of arts and craft projects in there. I can see myself cooking and baking a lot, and building my own kiln in the backyard for pizza or handmade tortillas. I can see myself doing a lot of home improvement and interior decorating, with a luscious floral and herb garden outside. I can see myself attending exercise/martial arts classes regularly, improving my focus and confidence. I can see myself constantly making and creating and loving very passionately, all with my fuzzy little creature beside me...

and hopefully, with all this tender love and care, it will somehow make its way into other people's hearts.

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