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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 3:08 AM
You before me.

So this day didn't turn out as terrible and stupidly nostalgic as I thought it would be. Actually, it was absolutely fantastic.
Ugh, thank you girls for being in my life in this trying day.

A few things to remember from this stupidly spontaneous night:

- Began the day figuring out a study sesh which ultimately ended up us planning an intricate food study party at L's new pad
- Sense 8 shenanigans
- 1lb hot cheetos --> pizza --> fruit snacks --> freshly baked cookies --> strawberries --> string cheese (wut) --> hot wings --> more chips --> more cookies --> L you spoil us like crazy ♥
- "Lenna I need someone like you to watch the bachelorette with--you're so easily excitable!"
- Me Before You (which is such a cute rom com ugh my poor weak heart I ADORE EMILIA CLARKE)
- which, of course, led us to our obsession with Emilia's insane eyebrows that can produce graph functions
- "L I like your eyebrows better than hers; it's not very distracting!" "Yeah I know because they're nonexistent!!" LOL
- "I wish my lawn looked like that"
- Discovering what it means to be a partner--"How did you know K was the one after 2 short years?" "Because there was never a moment that he made me feel uncomfortable. We could argue about everything, but I know that the end of the day it won't ever change how we feel about each other."
- G's stupid pyro tricks
- Last minute search to make cake and find candles for B's birthday at midnight
- L pulling out a bottle of Hennessy and Jack Daniel's (despite all of us needing to drive home soon after) LOLOL
- 24 candles being lit all at once to celebrate B's 24th :3
- Meaningful discussions about the future of doctors, mental health awareness, and our own futures as well.

And wait, we tried to be study for finals too. Keyword: tried.

It's times like this where my talents, personality, and accomplishments are acknowledged and affirmed and truly feel like I have the support of friends that will help me through this application process. I also enjoyed all the stupid laughter and real talk and spontaneity and of course, all the food you willingly offered.

Thank you all for reminding me what kindness and being cared for felt like. (:

Lastly, thank you dearly for the wonderful study party and happy birthday to the sweetest (future!) dentist I've met so far. ♥