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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 8:04 AM

Okay useless Persona 5 vent that almost nobody will understand because nobody (I know) games as much as I do:

Update: OK good things come to those who wait--I have decided to pursue Haru!! Ahhhhh she is such a lovely down to earth lady who acknowledges her privileges and being able to stand up to her powerful father and see the injustices of his actions and deny her arranged marriage is just simply admirable. ♥

Why are the girls in this universe so WEIRD?
It's not the good sort of weird, either. I wish there was a female protagonist option like in Persona 3 where I could court the guys instead, but even the girls in P3 were a much better selection than this current game.

I'm halfway(? 45 hours in, idk) through the game, and no girl interests me one bit for the romance aspect of the game. Let me complain how these girls are all friend-zoned in my eyes:

Ann: My year and models to get by. Is good at English (native: Japanese), but falls short of average in exam scores. Bubbly, cute, not to mention fashionable and strong willed/determined, but she's too... how do I put this, a little too flat for me? Despite the large amount of time spent with her in the game (and this is a huge advantage because propinquity), she never seemed to grow/change as much as I want her to. Or, maybe I just don't find interest in her modeling career, as I find the drama associated with it so very petty.

Makoto: Intellectual, president of student council, demonstrates great leadership, but lacks real life qualities. She tries to learn the ropes of the world outside of school though, so I'll give her that. Pushover. She actually reminds myself of me, and I can't stand to ever date anyone that's like me, so nope. Not her. Plus, she's so strict and bossy in some moments (ok this also sounds like me too). But realistically, I think I'll have to settle with her because she shows promising growth that broke through her sheltered, protected life.

Dr. Takemi: She's the most badass character that I enjoy being with a lot, but her personality/story is very flat as well. She's very punkish (and very hot, esp as a doc too) and thrives in making new formulas in medicine, not scared one bit to try new things, and is deep down kindhearted despite her tough exterior, but she's too predictable. Hot, but boring. (but I can see her being the dominatrix in an S&M relationship, heh.)

Ohya: A gossipy journalist who drinks. A lot. Need I say more? She's really dedicated to her work, but that's all you got going for ya, girl.

Hifumi: Shogi player, and model. If she wasn't cute, I'd think her extreme obsession with shogi would be very off putting. As useful as she is for battle tactics, her whole life revolves around being shogi champion (albeit to support her fam) and I can't relate to that nor am I really interested...

Futaba: A young girl who never saw the day of light because she willingly decided to be a shut in and learned how to hack the cyberspace. So of course when she finally gets a chance to breathe, she's easily excitable and enjoys living, but this is someone who I don't want to date. She's much more like a little sister to me that I want to see grow and flourish while she still can.

I haven't dated the 2 remaining female characters but they're introduced so late into the game that I don't think I can fall for them... Idk, these girls are just so meh. MEHHH.

But Yusuke though. Despite his questionable fashion sense and tall, lanky figure, I'd court him right away from the very start. (Former) pupil of a world renowned artist, comes from a very rough childhood/background, full ride scholarship to a prestigious art academy, is constantly on the pursuit of pure beauty, doesn't think twice about sketching people on the spot/if it's weird to stop and stare/finds enjoyment in people watching/relentlessly tries to paint the best painting he possibly can through experimenting with different aspects/spaces of human emotion/doesn't think about nudes the same way general society sees them/AKA JUST A VERY PASSIONATE, DETERMINED, AND ECCENTRIC, YOUNG MAN???? While what he does may appear strange to the average person, he literally does not give a rat's ass about what others think of him when he's on that artistic pursuit. Not to mention his suave looks and charming mannerisms.

Why doesn't persona 5 do male/male PLZ THIS IS 2017 not everything is so heteronormative T____T My heart goes to you, Yusuke--let me max my rank with you (and then some) ;-;