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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 3:58 PM
25 weeks and I--

Left in your wake
I can't escape the aftertaste
The ruins of the life we made
So much of you still remains

This ground is stained
On every corner where you left your trace
I try so hard to fill this space
But nothing else can take your place

83 days and I'm still not over you
83 days and I still can't cut you loose
83 days and I don't know why I'm still counting

Are you thinking of the high before the fall
Are you thinking of the nights you used to call
Are you thinking of the way we had it all
In the way we were together

Are you thinking of the plans we made for us
Are you thinking of the way we used to touch
Are you thinking that you maybe said too much
When you promised me forever

Are you thinking of me?
Are you thinking--

STORY OF MY LIFE i'm bawling i just can't
this new song couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time