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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, February 19, 2017 @ 11:34 PM

Tonight, I learned:

- In the moments you feel purely happy, there are no limits. There are no labels, and you see the begin to see the world with love. You begin to love the most mundane things, and you cannot find the words to describe something but all you are focused on is simply being. You have the urge to kiss and hug the floor, the marks of the dried condensation on the wall, the cracks on the ceiling, the lushness of the carpet. You no longer being to categorize or label anything anymore, you just simply love. (Yes, I did feel this yesterday, and I was glad I was able to reaffirm my feelings tonight.)

- The moment you are thinking, you are not being. The moment you are being, you are not thinking. Thinking too much consumes you and you become not a part of the present.

- For moments you begin to feel hate or betrayal, do not focus on "not hating" or trying to justify your feelings or blame the other person, but rather accept it, and think of it as an experience that you will grow from. Think, "what did I learn from this?" and not "why did they do this to me?" Only from there will you begin to accept and move on.

- When you close your eyes and feel that you are present, there are no boundaries.

- I need to remember how be whole, independent, and to simply exist. If you believe that you are, you don't need anything--or anyone--else in this world to complete you.

- Be happy, and don't take everything so personally. If they did something that bothers you, try to look at it another light, and be happy that they are happy.

- Practice, meditate, even just for a few minutes every day, and it's okay if you don't know how to.

- Don't believe what you think.

- And always, always be honest to yourself.

Despite our wholesome conversation, what left me dumbfounded was seeing the tear that trickled down on your face. Your eyes watered occasionally, and I have no choice but to assume that it was your passion--your heart--speaking. I am so thankful for you, thank you for reaching out to me and taking me out to check up on me. Love you, dearly.