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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 8:04 PM
Chain of memories II.

Oftentimes out of frustration I wish to erase just the painful memories, the bitter messages that still contain traces of disappointment and embarrassment. I get the urge to delete every second, every moment spent just to guarantee I won't ever stumble upon thorns that occasionally lie in the vast, beautiful rose garden.

...much like how I very much so would enjoy deleting this blog--at least be able to private the older entries. I mainly used this as a vessel for my negative emotions, so in turn the entries may portray me as a... slightly interesting opinion of me, but ultimately, why should I be so concerned? Every rant, every word--they are a part of me, they are who I am, and no matter how much I try to erase my past, it doesn't change who I am. Although very embarrassing to say the least, the entries of my life serve a memorable purpose in my life that I can always reflect upon and measure the progress I've made.

Every moment acts as a kind reminder of how much farther I've grown. How much I've accepted them, and moved forward.

I'll be starting anew in several weeks, with a new mindset, and a new environment to revel in. I can't wait.