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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, February 8, 2016 @ 4:38 PM
Boring trivial things that matter

Today during class I was craving something junk-food-y but nothing overindulgent. For the past week or so I've fallen ill with a fever combined with a flu or some weird THING I don't know, but all I've been eating is the same rice porridge every day, for both lunch and dinner. Granted I lost my appetite throughout the process so I didn't mind, until today, nearing the end of class, all I could think about was in-n-out. Get a mouthwatering double double with fries well done, added in one packet of sea salt, and their sauce packet on the side. Absolute heaven. Or chipotle. Mmmm oh so fresh, crispy, spicy, and so satisfying, with a warm, toasty tortilla on the side. But both places are pretty far from where I lived, and my dad was picking me up (but letting me drive so I can get more practice under my belt lolol #latebloomer), so, I think they were out of the question.
But then, I remembered. I was craving hot cheetos ever since I dreamed about them last week.
I also was lacking the energy to even get up from my chair/bed for several days (either because of emotional reasons or being sick, idk), but I figured I'd get coconut water on the side to get refueled with electrolytes.
So as soon as class ended, being the hungry sick motherpucker I am, left the classroom and power walked to where my dad parked the car.
"Ba, we're going to Stater Bro's."
"Why? What do you need there?"
"Coconut water. Yes, coconut water..." (I was actually out for the hot cheetos)

Anyways, we went and I quickly got my long desired products of consumption and snuck the the hot chips next to the cool drinks on the checkout belt, and my dad was nice enough to pay for his sick and seemingly hard working child, but! Without the lecture. WHAT WHAT. I should have prefaced this (but I'm sick and I'm just spewing out complete stupid-useless-not-even-interesting nonsense), but my dad would always lecture me whenever I'd buy chips or candy because they're unhealthy and makes me fat etc etc. But this time! Not a word!!

wow dad
thx for being so chill

...just wait til I tell you I'm leaving straight to Berkeley after my final this Thursday lol

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