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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, August 22, 2015 @ 3:18 PM
Note to self

People like options, so give it to them, even when you have none. The fact that they are making an executive decision and not you makes a world of a difference in the likelihood that things will go your way. Manipulation? Perhaps, but it's a very harmless, effective method.

Also, hello again blog--it's been awhile. If you've caught up with me you might hear me be a little bittersweet about France, but honestly deep down, I miss it. I miss the cuisine and the European culture (but I definitely do not miss the lack of ice). I don't rave about it much, but I've been noticing the little French influences (mainly their cuisine) I've been bringing back home (although I unfortunately picked up their seemingly "pretentious" way of asking questions--which I need to stop doing...). It's astounding how much one short month abroad can affect the way you live (autocorrected to love, but hey that works too) and how open minded you are. I like to believe I am an open minded individual, but boy, am I more than ever now. I'm still growing, that's for sure. Although I'm no longer in school, the adventure doesn't stop now.