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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 1:42 AM
An adventure is out there!


- If in doubt about something, come back to your being (the fact that you can feel that you ARE) and decide from there.

- If you close off from something, ask your heart what it feels and follow it.

- If your ego is big (I am checking mine but it does not seem to be any smaller) and you cannot laugh about it (I forget many times), this trip is not for you.

- If your mood could potentially change at any moment and you cannot look at it with humor, this is not a trip for you.


- That you forget the group and close off even for a short period of time

- That you believe what you think

- That you do not let go of all your expectations (my advice: expect the trip to be hellish and you may be surprised; if you expect the trip to be a vacation at Club Med, you may be disappointed)

- That you may fall into depression.
Jean-Paul, you've won my heart & mind. TAKE ME WITH YOU.

(most likely not though, but, one can dream, right? Isn't he the most adorable & sincerest heart-felt professor ever?!)