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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 @ 7:32 PM
Keep going.

Hey Lenna, I know you may feel you're able to take shortcuts. Like as if you already know how to do things by simply imaging yourself doing it. And maybe 7 times out of 10 it actually ends up happening the way you envisioned it. (I think it's all luck.) And then you're proud of yourself and of your work, doing it the first time without any practice, per se. You get good feedback, and you feel you can take shortcuts again and again and again; simply because you think you can fool everybody. You had this belief instilled within you for such a long time, that you even fooled yourself.

But Lenna, you've been doing it all wrong your whole life. Can you see why you've remained so stagnant since high school? You're pressed for time. You stopped thinking. You do things once, be content with it, and then never push things further. Can you see where this is headed? 
You're happy with your products, Lenna. You're happy and satisfied with what you've done, and simply leave it as that. Where is the refinery, dear?

But I know you. I know you are afraid of the inbetween; the process that takes you where you ultimately want to be. You don't want others to see your progress; you only want to show others your final result. And hey, that's fine--as long as you maintain that progress. You have to keep practicing. Keep sketching, keep doodling. Be uncomfortable, be unsatisfied. That's the key to understanding the form and developing your own consistent style; you know what works and what doesn't and what you enjoy doing. So don't just simply imagine the end result and be content with it love, but leave the end uncertain and leave room all for exploration. Only then will you truly develop as an artist, and others will be able to see it too.