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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, January 16, 2015 @ 1:21 AM
That's a wrap!

She is so unintentionally ADORABLE & photogenic--she probably thinks I'm a creep for taking all these pictures of her, LOL. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOWWwwwww. You're da cutest Yi :3

On the real:

Yes, I do want to ultimately go into optometry school. It's something very scary to admit, because I've always had a curious side to me that considers other professions in the back of my mind. Even under these seemingly hopeless circumstances which are my current stats, I am confident I'll be able to pick up the pieces and redeem myself in preparation for the application process. Taking a gap year or two to volunteer, shadow, take more classes, shadow, and obtain strong recommendations, and shadow some more, I know I can make it. It will really take a lot of work to build on top of a poorly built foundation, but if I have the mentality to push through during the gap year, then it must be a sign to continue pursuing this goal, even after all the hardships.

However, I do admit that during my gap year, if I happen to find more of an interest in design and somehow magically get some sort of job with it (alongside shadowing & classes), I'll stop my pre-optometric track and fully commit myself to the world of art & design.

I really want to reiterate (to myself, mainly) that the entire point of the gap year(s) is to find my one passion. And what I mean by one passion, is a passion that I can live comfortably with for the rest of my life. Of course, I definitely have multiple and don't have to give any of them up, but this one will end up taking over majority of my time, and that has to be something I'll be okay with. So no, these gap years are not solely to build my resume & application & study for the OAT, but it's to also find myself--not my parent's vision--in the process.

Honestly, I've become more selfish lately--but that's not such a bad thing. I am simply on the pursuit of happiness. I just know that whatever I end up doing, it'll be a respectable & humble job/position. If that means a decent paying job (that I genuinely enjoy--it really doesn't necessarily have to be high paying) and a dog, plus ketchup dates on the side with my close friends once in awhile, then I'll take it. As long as what I end up doing brings happiness & joy in others, then that's much more than I can hope for. Really.

On the realest:

I haven't had that cliche girl talk where we take turns talking about our love lives in the longest time. It was a night full of laughter and hopeful hearts. I could feel the elatedness and "love" radiating from our conversations. Best of all, I can talk about him without wincing at the memories. I can reflect upon our relationship and be proud--not nostalgic--of how much I've grown. Who knows, I might use this confidence & end up finding someone in Paris. (; HOHOHO. #jkimnotreallylooking #sotiredofboys #WASTEOFENERGY #butifithappensithappens

I've become a little more daring; I've become more forward. Who knows, I might end up being a little heartbreaker, but YOLO right. Who cares. I'm about to graduate. LET'S LIVE THIS LAST SEMESTER UP.

But seriously though. I'm really glad I went on this trip and bonded with the girls (and the boys too I guess LOL). Shoutout to the wonderful two Anna's and Yi for the heartfelt talks and laughter (: And thanks Colin & John for bringing smiles on my face every day with your guys' quirky attitude & comments :3 AND GAIL! Yes GAIL OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH I WAS SO GOSHDARN HAPPY I SAW YOU TODAY AND CAUGHT UP WITH YOU I LOVE YOUUUU--you seriously NEVER fail to make me feel warm & fuzzy inside. & Helen AHH you are absolutely precious and sweet; I can see why you two are good pals! ♥ SO MUCH LOVE & LAUGHTER IN THE AIR TODAY/TONIGHT. I'm seriously loving life at the moment (:


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