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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 @ 3:50 PM
You don't have to try;

For what this music video is, it's a beautiful message about empowering women and getting rid of our insecurities and loving ourselves for who we are; we shouldn't rely on anyone's judgments but our own positivity.

Now, with that said, we are reaching such a substantial time in social media; there has been an explosion of motivational and inspirational videos targeted towards women and their self-image insecurities. Dove's beauty campaign, Always' "Like a girl" commercial, Aerie's 'no photoshop' claim, and music videos like the above; they all speak up for women and truly define what #realbeauty and #realwomyn are. This is such a tremendous breakthrough in today's society and these kinds of activities are garnering a whole lot of attention.

HOWEVER, these inspirational campaigns raise a highly important question: are these companies/artists doing it for the fame/money, or are they truly passionate about it? Newsflash: Dove is owned by the same company who owns AXE, the most female-objectifying company there is. They sell their products through sex targeted towards men. They claim that if they use their products, hot girls will be coming at you like flies. Like, what? It's hard to believe such a yin and yang exists within a company; it really shows how much they REALLY care about #realwomyn. It's blatantly obvious that they're using these tactics to attract more customers to give in and buy their products, thinking it's a worthy company to buy from. It's absolutely disgusting, and ever since then I've been highly skeptical of the passion from these videos/claims.

It is such a disgrace to see how oblivious we are and how much we are sold to certain ideas from the media. Hey, at least we're making a tremendous breakthough, yes? For better, or for worse? I'll take these with a grain of salt, and hope a much better representative of female beauty arises from these motivational fads.


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