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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, June 19, 2014 @ 4:54 AM
Training Adventures pt. II

So when we counted to 3 and bang'd the table, mine was the only one that didn't fall in... SIGH. And I was the one who helped set theirs up. Damnit, Debbie.

Weee deep fried sushi & alcohol. #counterproductivebutworth

Waiting at the bus stop! I knew we should have taken a picture before I turned red. -__- !

And lastly... HAHAHA. I will save you the embarrassment and say no more.

(For those who are curious, Pt. I was a run to Smitten's ice cream, ice cream that is served via liquid nitrogen! #counterproductivebutworth)

Lalaluhhh these girls for taking on a perilous journey alongside me for my half marathon (: For this run, we ran to Kansai's happy hour for some sake bombs & sushi ;) As usual, I turned a true lobster red in public but WHO CARES I just ran 3.2ish miles and am proud of myself. WE CAN DO DIS.

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