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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 @ 10:35 PM
There's something in my throat.

And I can't get it out. Because there's too much at stake.
I'm ready to move forward, but too afraid to plant my feet down.
I was too young, and I was too naive. Too excited, quick to jump into the depths of serendipity.
I held my breath, for a long long time. It was beautiful. It was fun. But now,
I've hit a realization of my self worth. What my capabilities are. What I deserve, and what I can obtain.

I've reached a certain level of independency in these past few weeks. Solitude thinking. Lots and lots of self reflecting.
I forgot... how amazing it felt. To love yourself. And to focus only on yourself, to be better.
I want to learn how to love myself even more, and that's a new journey I will embark on in the near future.

I've become reckless, I've become fierce. I've become cunning, I've become confident. I have accepted the fact I am no longer the conscientious girl I once was two years ago. I've opened my mind, I've opened my heart. I have been hurt numerous times, but I learned how to stand my ground and I will no longer tolerate it. I am no longer afraid.

I know what I want.
And I will get it.