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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, March 16, 2014 @ 2:40 AM
Yearning for my hystory.

Never have I felt so moved, so touched, by a short film based in Vietnam. I just came home from CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) Fest 2014's showing, HASHTAG LOVE, and one of the shorts they showed was called 'Burn to Send.' Witnessing Vietnam's culture and listening to the entire film spoken in Vietnamese, I felt like... I found a large missing piece of who I really am. I've never felt so suddenly eager to travel to Vietnam and to fluently speak my mother tongue. I just want to fly away and immerse myself in the country my parents were born in. I just want to know how my parents lived. How their lives were like. The crazy love stories or times doing risque things that don't hold any regret. I will never understand your upbringings and neither will you mine, but that doesn't mean to stay ignorant. I want to experience life there so I can develop a deeper connection with myself and my family. I couldn't hold in my tears midway through the short. Just simply imagining my father passing away and then wishing every day, burning prayer money for him makes my heart heavy and eyes water.

Other than that, some other notable things 'today' (aka yesterday starting 12am):

- pie
- leftover 900 grayson from da roomies ♥
- simply spending time with my roommates/apartment mates
- doing graphic design work with Khoa & Nhi until 4am. Haha it was such an amusing night ^___^! I never knew picking on Khoa could be so fun :B
- Two of my favorite people helped me immensely with All Cast for VSA today. Luuuuhvs you Steven & Khoa!
- CAAM Fest => wong fu! Why am I so gahdamn awkward. UGH. Even while Phil was taking a selfie of all of us, I forgot my camera was on timer and Wes, Phil, and Chris were wondering why it wasn't shooting. x___x Nice meeting them again tho :]
- Plus they sat pretty near me in the theater :D
- I love Jenny & Debbie OH SO MUCH. Even though they weren't able to get into CAAM Fest with me, they knew the risks beforehand and still accompanied me to SF. And even though it ran until like 11:30pm, they stayed for those couple hours around SF waiting for me to be done. They could have left to go back home but they stayed and they GOT ME DONUTS. & THEY TRIED TO WIN ALPACAS & THOUGHT OF ME. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I seriously have the best roomies I could have asked for. I'm growing too fond of you all :') ♥