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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, February 9, 2014 @ 1:57 AM
Vagina monologues.

Tonight was a reminder of how privileged I am to be a womyn living in the US. While the system is not perfect nor just, I cannot help but say I am thankful to not be part of a culture where womyn are treated like purposeless barbie dolls with no feelings; just toys to play with and mutilate mindlessly. To live in a culture where cutting off the clitoris/mutilating the vagina is a normal practice (more specifically in Africa), it is just absolutely horrendous and disgusting. I am grateful to not live in a society where womyn do not hold much power and cannot obtain an education simply because of their gender. But because we are part of the US where womyn do have the right to express their thoughts, we should take advantage of our right and fight for equality amongst females. While womyn are usually portrayed as victims of rape and abuse, we oftentimes don't see powerful, strong, confident womyn in the media. We all know they exist, but society refuses to use them because women are expected to be weak, fragile, and dependent. Our individuality is silenced.
And we can't live in this silence anymore. We all need to more aware of what's happening not only in our country, but also in other world countries too. We all need to work together to stop these unfair attitudes and practices towards womyn, and all it takes is to just speak up, and show you are not a product of society and its media.

I am not the greatest writer nor can I articulate my entire thoughts and emotions clearly and effectively, but I hope I am able to express my views in a concise manner that is easy to understand. I always leave out things that are vital to the text, but my time is limited. There are so many other issues I feel strongly about, but in writing I cannot write it all. For instance, it may appear that I support how the US treats its women, but frankly, I don't appreciate how its society treats us. There are so many issues regarding our sexualization and gender discrimination (ie in the workforce), but those can be saved for another day. I may write things that appear questionable, which may lead to a misunderstanding and thus a strong feeling of disagreement. I apologize for that aspect, but know I am always open for discussion and engaging debates/conversations.