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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, December 29, 2013 @ 2:24 AM

I don't know why I'm thinking of this now, but I want to write this down before I forget.
I think my favorite part of finals week was the Thursday of; Jenny and I went to the SLC Wednesday night and pulled an all nighter together until our final time on Thursday (11:30am for her, and 3pm for me). The fact she went out of her way and studied with me on campus instead of her studying at home already meant a lot to me. Throughout those hours I witnessed her struggling to stay awake and her desperation to memorize as much as she could before her final. It was so cute yet nervewracking because I honestly did not know what to do, LOL. Should I wake her up or let her be?? I did the latter, and I gave her a green tea latte in the morning for that caffeine boost and I hugged her good luck on her merry way.

But my absolute favorite part was when she texted me that her exam was over and asked whether I was still at the SLC or not. To my surprise, she visited me there before she left for home, and wished the best for me on my exam. CUE AWWWWW'S. I was so touched by her action... I kind of forgot how wonderful and thoughtful Jenny was. I mean, I always knew she always were those things, but it's been awhile since I felt that 'magicalness' LOL. I adore her so much, she doesn't even know it. I love her in a way that isn't a normal way to love... if that made any sense. I guess she knows how to pull at my heart strings in the most sentimental way possible.

You may never fully understand how much I am grateful for you, and I know I don't speak or do much at our Berks home, but I wub you. ♥