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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, November 16, 2013 @ 4:31 AM
To you:

I don't know if you'll ever read this, or if I'll ever tell you... but thank you so much for today's magnificently rainbow filled adventure :] It's the most genuine fun I've had in ages, and it didn't require anything fancy or that much planning. & I think, that very fact made the whole day absolutely worthwhile.

Never in my life have I laughed SO much in a day before. And honest to Buddha I am not lying or exaggerating. Today was just... friggen so fun in general. I can't even type everything out because SO much happened with you. I think the best part of it all is that we didn't have to do anything super adventurous other than shop/eat to have a wonderful time; simply talking to you was the best. Even simply the ride going to Newark was the best. LOLOL your sunglasses & eyes. You vampire. HAHAHAHA. I loveloveloveeee talking about dance with you too; I'm always so genuinely intrigued; it gives me another perspective in the arts that I've always wanted to have, but don't. And when we finally arrived, those 4 hours waiting to get our 85C goods were possibly the best waiting hours of my life. It didn't feel like 4 at all; even though it was really cold & windy, our conversations were just so damn funny & entertaining throughout the entire time. Shoplifting, your Brock eyes, light sensitivity, my countless Superdry zippers, red balloons, the children always letting go of theirs right in front of me (...), tree leaves falling, your phone dying mysteriously... I can't even remember the rest. And even when we got inside 85C, we made acquaintances to the ladies next to us and I was highly impressed how respectful & helpful you treated them (and me too)! Your whole brioche hand movement made me LOL. You reserved like 10 taro marble bread for all of us, including the kind lady (her name's Marisa I think!). You went out of your way to get that twirly looking bread for me despite the hungry angry asian crowd. You are so goddamn patient and it makes me so happy to see someone more patient than I am in these situations, and to be genuinely happy about it. Knowing that, I don't have to feel all tense, even in the long long line, around you. I can joke with you and I know you will happily reciprocate. Our conversations never get boring, and you always have something random to say, hahah. I swear, you never get nervous to talk about anything and I really appreciate that :)
Ranch 99 was also a little side adventure with the chrysanthemum tea & seeing who will check out first. HAHA.
And even during dinner, I laughed quite a bit too (even tho I forgot, eeeep; my happy&smiling best breakfast keychain?! LOL), but I remember I felt so elated. Go us for guessing the most popular items! (:
And don't even mention Snowflake... LOL. You not being able to see the lighted menu made me lol. Tetris!Jenga was intense. Even bringing the box over to the table was intense. LOL. AND THE WHOLE THING FELL--THAT STOPPED EVERYONE & THEY STARED AT US. They even helped us pick up the pieces off the floor. LOLOL. & you saying, "well, someone just lost [at Jenga]..." when in reality you kicked our box of Jenga pieces down below you, LOOOOL. & opening the window to that honey!brick toast and creating beautiful shapes... HAHAHA. Toooo fuuuunnniess.
And even the ride going back... I swear, I promise I won't laugh at your pain as long as it sounds serious, LOL. That cough sounded so weak LOLOL and your eyes being blinded by the red lights--I couldn't stop laughing. Your vision was so bad even in the DARK. ROFL. And all day, every laughter killed me inside because my stomach muscles were sore from working out the day before; but it was worth every single time it hurt. HAHAH.

I know I'm missing so many more things, but I know if I'm reminded of anything that happened today, I'll remember it right away and laugh at it. Or at you. Probably at you. HAHAHA. I am SO thankful you are in my life, because you are the realest guy I've ever met. Not only you are damn real, you are friggen GENUINE to the KEY. No sketchy business because you think you'll get something out of it. You do it because you know it's right, and you'd be happy to do it. You go out of your way to help others, and you are so patient with everyone, even STRANGERS! And the homeless!
But that stuff is the general stuff. I am so so lucky to have you speak to me the first day we met; I really hope I have the capability to sustain our friendship in the future :] Thank you for being so awesome to me and to everyone else ♥ I hope everything you dreamed of comes true, because I honestly think you deserve every little thing you wish for.

(and thank you for 3DS + KHDDD + watermelon friend ♥)

And oh... my favorite quote of the day from you: "I always feel like it's a sin listening to ghetto music in the car with you." HAHAHAOMGIDIED.