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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 11:35 AM
Improvement in accessibility.


Back in my day, in order to send in SAT scores, you would either have to a) send that same form they send you after they mail you your scores (which I lost) or b) call in to get your AP number, verify your identity, tell them all the info about the school & tests you've taken, and then pay over the phone.

The reason why my registration was blocked is because I never bothered to send in my AP scores that excused my R&C requirement (or, at least, I did... to UCLA, once upon a time. But I guess they didn't share the scores to UC Berkeley?). I kept on putting it off because it was SUCH a hassle, until I went to to discover they have highly expedited the process entirely--you can now submit scores by yourself, online, to your schools/scholarships/orgs/whatever suits your fancy.

WHY, why why wasn't I born in this generation. Ughhh those numerous phone calls I had to make in the past... I can finally say to the current classes in my high school that I never had the opportunity to have everything handed to me on a silver, digital platter. I'm highly envious, but very impressed how much we've advanced.

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