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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 @ 12:28 AM
The bigger question.

"The perpetrators aren't these monsters who crawl out of the swamp and come into town and do their nasty business and then retreat into the darkness. That's a very naive notion. Perpetrators are much more normal than that and 'everyday' than that.

So what are we doing here in our society and in the world, what are the roles of various institutions in helping to produce abusive men? What's the role of religious belief systems, the sports culture, the pornography culture, the family structure, economics and how that intersects, and race and ethnicity, and how that intersects. How does all this work?

And then, once we start making those kind of connections and asking those important and big questions, then we can start talking about how we can be transformed. How we can change the practices, how we can change the socialization of boys and the definitions of manhood that lead to these current outcomes. These are the kind of questions that we need to be asking and the kind of work we need to be doing. But if we're endlessly focusing on what women are doing and thinking, in relationships or elsewhere, we're not going to get to that piece."

Going into my Public Health seminar reminded me of the work I've been doing the past two years. While social change and positive progression have been introduced recently into my life, it is one of my biggest passions I have had since I planted my feet on the historic steps of UC Berkeley. Admittedly, I have been lost and muddled with petty drama that dwells in college life, and began to lose my purpose. I just need to be exposed to more in the world, look for the right resources, and reach out for help when needed. If I keep at that, I won't lose my sight.

Unfortunately, I'm reaching the end of my undergraduate career and am still lost. My goal for this year is to explore my optometry and public health options after undergrad. Let there be light!

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