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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, September 5, 2013 @ 1:09 AM
1am musings.

So I found out a fellow fashion model I follow online--a very kind hearted, beautiful one at that--fell into a deep spiral of depression for the longest time (thus explaining her online absence). I was wondering where she went.

See, she had this beautiful, vintage themed wedding last time I remember; it was classy, creative (much like herself), and very heart warming because they were so beautiful together. It was like, what, a year ago? when I saw their wedding pictures and how far and wide she searched for her perfect wedding band. Every fan of hers were very happy for them.

I stumbled upon her latest post, explaining her absence--she was finding herself. She became lost after her discovery that her "soon-to-be-ex-husband" had another affair. And I was entirely taken aback, because I forgot that even after marriage, cheating is still a possibility.

And then just thinking about it frightens me, because all of those years together, all those efforts together, all that planning together, all those memories together, all down the drain... Can you imagine, living a life with your significant other, under the assumption that life with your other was beautiful and peaceful, only to discover that your other half was actually seeing someone else?

It's quite scary.

The US has the highest rate of divorce; only like 50% of marriages remain. I know this is really early for me to think about, but I just wanted to share my sentiments after discovering her awful situation. I've always imagined, once married, it's a marriage. Forever. But I forgot, even with that bind, unfaithfulness can still happen. I can't possibly imagine how terrible she felt afterwards... It's much more devastating than a breakup--and that's so painfully frightening.

Suddenly, I'm so wary of my future.

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