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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, August 2, 2013 @ 9:22 PM

Today was a very interesting day to say the least. 0% work was done, but I think the day was very fulfilling. Philz is a magical place that offers more than just their addicting coffee. Going to & fro and simply studying there--there's always someone interesting I will meet and chat with. So far I've met (and sincerely chatted with) professors, prospective students, tutors, PhD's, and business people (who eventually ask about my art freelancing). Definitely gained a lot of fond memories here already. Today was a very empowering day and reminded me why I am here and that it is possible to achieve your goals despite the conditions you come from. It is you who have to utilize and seize the opportunities that are available to you. Do not waste your education, but do not spread yourself out too thin that you're indecisive. One powerful thing that I've learned today was that although I believe that I'm a lost individual who don't know which direction to proceed in (education, art, or health), the term "lost" in the incorrect word to use--it's because I'm learning. I'm simply experiencing and weighing my options, and taking everything I learned into perspective. There's a difference between being lost and learning. I love you Philz ♥

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