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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, July 1, 2013 @ 3:06 AM
First impressions.

Not really digging Lenovo's Thinkpad Helix right now. It's so full of technical issues, I swear I think I have a defective unit. I was considering sending it in for repairs, but I only had it for a week and I continue discovering more problems as I use this machine. They better give me an entirely new replacement; this has to be a joke unit. I mean, are you friggen kidding me? If you see the list I wrote down that's wrong with this thing... you'd probably give up and won't ever look back. This laptop is giving me great distress, sigh. Will be calling them later on today x___x

Vent numero dos: I really really hate my bangs right now. I'm really really particular with it, and it's really ugly that I'm really self conscious now x____x!! Why won't you go back to the way you were always were before T_____T!! I didn't even do anything wrong! Wahhhhhh, please shape back the way you used to be .-. SO UGHS. My hair/bangs used to be beautiful :(