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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 4:46 PM

You know what I'm thankful for? For Berkeley giving me the privilege to be introduced to so many diverse spaces and experiences. It was first the political aspect of Berkeley, leading me into Asian-American studies/related spaces and immersing myself into a progressive community. This led to mentoring for an underprivileged school in a program (Let's Rise), something that I've never done before and grateful that I've tried. I finally got to do what I've wanted to do: join a community service organization. I've also immersed myself into the science/health field, dying alongside my fellow peers in this pre-med/health competition. I've familiarized myself with the fashionable art students and professors that reside in their home base, Kroeber Hall. I'm slowly becoming interested in LGBTQ rights and equality, and plan on becoming a more informed individual. I even became more in touch with my Vietnamese culture through our VSA and friends. Even on the other side of the spectrum, thanks to the boy (and USC), I've learned a bit about the greek life. And now, I'm slowly familiarizing myself with web devs/programmers/other engineers in the North Side of Berkeley; this is the space where I'm completely new to, and admittedly, quite lost (literally and figuratively). Working on a team to create a game for the first time ever is absolutely a blessing without even having a portfolio, but at the same time it's highly stressful.

I'm highly grateful for all these experiences Berkeley has given me thus far, and I'm glad for the friends that I made. I love college. Coming from a very sheltered life, I've learned to appreciate every aspect of my new findings. And surprisingly, it's only been two years.

Cheers to many more, and lessons to learn!