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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 10:36 PM
Insignificant details.

Just reignited my love for deep house :') Thanks Pandora! Ahhh, I thought I was growing older and was getting bored of it for quite a while! Starting off my long study night right :)

I'm pretty bored so I'll share some tidbits of what's happening in mah life:

Working on the job in mah beddd. It's da best.

Baked with JTran & JHuynh :)! Nommy AND (relatively) healthy!
&&found out that Jasmin is SO friggen cute HAHAHAH. "I don't know why but my wax paper always burn in the oven whenever I bake!" + many more mishaps. :) I also met her roomie too, and they're so friggen awesome (and not to mention a cute pair)!

Other than that, I've been worrying about my future. Eep. Should I come out of the closet and say that UC Berkeley School of Optometry is now officially my dream school...?

Ack, I'm gonna end up living in norcal for the rest of my life if I get accepted and go there post grad. Eeeeep! Not sure how I feel about that.