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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, May 23, 2013 @ 11:14 PM
San Jose date!

So earlier today, like at 4am in my room, I was cleaning up and packing up my things to move into my new apartment for next year, and I was just taking down some decorations, only to discover there was a 1.5" diameter bubble looking thing hanging around my window. I asked myself, "Huh, what was that from...? I don't even know how I even did that, or how that got there." I looked closer, until I saw a friggen disgusting INSECT moving about inside that THING. It was a damn egg sac or cocoon, or something highly disturbing, BUT IT GODDAMN FREAKED THE HELL OUT OF ME. I seriously watched the thing move inside that sac for 6 DAMN HOURS as I couldn't sleep knowing the fact that it's growing bigger every hour--IT COULD'VE HATCHED WHILE I WAS SLEEPING AND EAT ME! Edward finally woke up at 9:30am and came to my rescue T___T THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! However, those 6 hours weren't a waste! I was chatting with an amazing USC alumni and I surprisingly connected with him pretty quick! But then again, we did talk for quite a long time... haha, it was really fun though! Fortunately talking to him calmed me down a lot and caused me not to panic as much. I just can't wait to move out of this old fashioned house for goodness sake!

Loved today <3 Hehe, especially the rose garden! My favorite part :)

Thuong spoils me with her love and time for me :') We went to San Jose to eat and meet up with her Shadownite mentee (who's a junior in HS right now! SO CUTE adfijsdlkg)! Teehee, I won't forget what happened at the rose garden... but I ahem... "found" a purple rose! And found a bright red rose as well as a bright pink rose. I want to give the purple rose to someone but I'm not sure if it'll look or smell as nice by the time I give it to them... :(

On the contrary, and I apologize for the weird randomity, please don't be wasting my time to get my attention only to leave me hanging. Especially if you're not going to provide me some substance to talk about. This isn't middle school anymore, kid. #rude

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