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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 @ 3:17 AM

is good. It's going to be probably the toughest summer of them all, but I'm determined.

And guess what? First three mock ups for my new job are due June 11th, but I have a midterm already on the 7th. And because of my job, it was best for me to drop my IB131 lab. Sighh.

There's only a few things I should ONLY worry about this summer:

- Studying
- Job
- when the hell the lenovo helix is going to be officially released in stores so I can use it to take notes during lectures
- school plans/life
- moving (which shall be finished this week!)

And not to be cruel or a terrible person, but I really want to worry about myself this summer, so I have to worry about friends last... Sorry everyone who's nearby in Berks; I don't have time to hang out :( I'm always down for a study date though! My favorite :)

Kayyyy. PEACE OUT! First lecture tomorrow (aka today in 6 hours). I'm REALLY not looking forward walking to Hearst Mining Building every MWF from my house... FML SO HARD.