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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, May 4, 2013 @ 1:42 AM

I finally found my true little sister. I lalalalllooove you Megan! I know I say I have other "little sisters" but this one, this one is a wee lad still in middle school, and she genuinely likes me, even though I do a poor job mentoring Dx I love you for loving me and looking up to me despite the lack of real bonding we do. Oh my gosh, I'm going to cry. I LOVE YOU. I wanted to take an individual picture with you but you left so early and I was so concerned about everything, it totally slipped my mind. (I also hope your mom isn't too mad! I'm sorryyy!)
You will be my one and only reason why I would join Let's Rise again next year. I never imagined being so close to a mentee originally so when you came into my life, life threw me a curveball. Those words you said to me today touched my heart like no other, and it was like... the first time anyone said that to me. You're amazing Megan. You're beautiful, you're ambitious, and you are definitely full of swag. Youtube stars, dance crews, student leadership, crafty stuff/art, photography, all just like me?! I can't find any other little sis as amazing as you are. If I have to name one thing I absolutely love about you that makes you stand out from all the rest... is your modest confidence you have in yourself. I'm just SO PROUD of you of all you do. I hope you come up to Berkeley to spend some time with me! I know I've been lagging a lot, but this time I won't have any other obligations other than school and you. :) (and maybe the boy too EHHHhh naw, you > him all day errday)

If Let's Rise changes the mentor/mentee system back to the way it always was, I promise you I will be the best big sis I can be. ♥
Have a great rest of your year, and I WILL see you again, cutes! :)