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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 @ 12:03 AM
An artist's&photographer's rant.

I've been highly inspired by art lately. I think it's my procrastination for finals to blame. Oops. But I think I will enjoy this spurt of creativity while I have it! I'm been so inspired that I can't wait to churn out some shots/illustrations. :) But onto the rant:

It makes me really sad seeing someone with really nice photography equipment, but not using it to its fullest potential.
I don't know, maybe my definition of real photography is different?
I should start being less critical and more accepting... maybe?
Am I being too snobby? :( I hope not. I hope people, especially other photographers, can understand my perspective, even just a little.

Here's how my mind works:

I believe photography is another form of art, and art comes with a sense of originality. However, unbeknownst to all, originality is a form of imitation, but with your own sense of personality that makes the art your own. In all forms of art, we are able to distinguish a style in each artist, whether they are acting, singing, musicians, or fine artists.

Even in the world of photography, we are able to differentiate one (real) photographer from another.
But unfortunately, in this materialistic society where we think more $$$ = good, photographers tend to seek the best equipment. These photographers rely on their equipment to make their photos "worthy." They focus on getting fancy shmancy stuff at first, so their creative thought process gets thrown out the window. Because they think their lens is the shiznit, they think their photography is amazing.
But how does that make you different from the millions of other people who own the same equipment you do?

It doesn't.

You know what irks me the most when it comes to meeting other photographers?
When they ask me, "What camera model do you use?" At that very instant, I know I will be judged. Their view of me rests on that very moment.
"I use a canon T1i." Think less of me for all I care. I use it to its maximum potential, focusing on the composition rather than the camera specs, and I don't need a friggen Mark II to take my photos.

However, I WILL agree to a certain extent that lens do make a very noticeable difference. But you know what? I'm doing just fine with my $100 50mm 1.4. I've been using it since I first got my camera, and I've been happy with my comparably "poor(er) camera/lens." You know what really makes a photo a good photo, a photo that stands out from all the rest of the boring, intense bokeh'd pictures or mundane landscapes??

The composition you make of the shot AND the amount of thought you made to take that picture (which includes the post processing too). Screw $1000 camera bodies! Screw $5000 L lenses! You know what's good? YOUR ARTISTIC CREATIVITY THAT SHOULD SCREAM OUT 'YOU'! However, if you have the funds and want to use that expensive tech, you better use it to its maximum potential.

So to the snobby photographers out there: STOP belittling others because of their equipment. They may be hella better at creative shots than you'll ever be.

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