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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, March 21, 2013 @ 9:49 PM
Personal discovery.

Why do I always blog a lot before midterms -___-

Ahhh, good vibes from her today :) ♥ Seeing her happy makes me happy, heheh.
Anyways, I need to write down the things I want to do during break... Everyone close to me is going to be gone, but that's okay! Personal reflection week, yes.
- Art projects. I want to complete at least 3 full blown projects; most likely they will be fan art.
- Finish the program with the Jenssss. :)
- Vectorize the Cal VSA poster.
- Work out, if possible!
- Cook cook cook, with baking!
- STUDY BIO. My main goal.
- GDC! Hopefully with my classmate from my online course :) I wonder if I should hunt for internships...? That would mean I would have to get a portfolio ready, shoot.
- SHOPPING ♥ Sephora & Forever21 & Aldo, here I come ;) Time for a new makeover! (and a hole in my bank...)
- And to catch up on my 23AC homework... HAHA I am so behind it's not even funny anymore :|

That's it! I'm excited for you, Spring Break :)