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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, March 3, 2013 @ 10:03 PM
Cultural Friction

"A hallmark feature of the social Web is the ability to not only read Web-based content, but write content too. In the age of do-it-yourself (DIY) media, the fact that we are borht consumers and creators of content redefines the rules of media engagement by redefining the rules of media prodution and consumption. And yet, it turns out that the customization and personalization of MySpace profiles through creative layouts, music, video, and graphics is a major source of annoyance and cultural friction for many college students."
Isn't it highly ironic that we all preach for self representation without judgement? For example, gays are shunned upon in public when they are seen holding hands or showing affection towards each other. Haven't we developed into a society where we're now trying to accept them? I forgot what the proper term is for "free speech" but in terms of appearance, but I found it really ironic that even MySpace is being discriminated against. I thought everyone supported creativity and personalization, but I guess not. Allowing people to freely customize themselves kind of backfires... Isn't it so strange...? Will we ever reach a stage where we don't judge negatively (and openly) based on appearances?

So I admittedly went back on my MySpace just for kicks... Just to see how well I interacted with others. Man, did my heart tore apart. Once best/good friends are now gone, crushes are over, fun times are over, high school... is over. Maybe I shouldn't have reminisced. I remember the whole [TG] ordeal. How Jackie & I couldn't stop talking to each other obsessively. How I was her 'noona'. How I used to talk to Gerard & Len & Michael and how I talked to a whole mess of people. How they all talked to me. I remember my graphically drawn pikachu&apples layout. One day I'll have to go through all my messages... It seems I have to do it, or else it'll bother me forever. I'm not sure why.

But man, seeing how her and I talked to each other in the past... my heart is definitely crushed. She treated me so well, and I just let go... Wow, I suck. I suck so bad. I really dislike how badly I keep friendships. She's so worth it, the best little sister to have, to be with; the only little sister I've always wanted; she looked up to me so much--and what, I dropped her? What the hell happened, Lenna?

ughh too much self loathing, maybe I shouldn't have done that. I really really hate myself right now. Ugh. I'm so pathetic, it's not even funny.

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