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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @ 1:23 AM

No offense, and do not misunderstand as I have much MUCH love for my SEA peeps, but some people really need to take a breather and stop taking such innocent things out of proportions.
Ninjas, old asian dads, memes. Dude, they're JOKES. Just very very light jokes. I don't believe all this lengthy responses and long talks and constant reminders are needed. A simple, "I don't think is appropriate for our mission statement, you ought not to use this" is all that is needed.
No anger, no tension, no disappointment, and no conflict.
After today and witnessing everything, I do not feel entirely safe in my SEA community anymore, especially with certain people. What I once thought was my safe space turned out to be politically angry people. Now, I understand that this does not apply to all, but I feel that I now have to rethink all of my actions and words when I'm around them. Come now, we can't even joke about ninjas because they represent terrorists? Oh, in that case, I can't freely talk about pirates because they're, in reality, sea thieves? You all might as well send a huge complaint to Disney, much like to those who are affected, that they should completely get rid of the whole idea of Pirates of the Carribean because they are giving a skewed image of pirates to children. It's all in good fun and we all know what the hell we're doing. They were appointed as coordinators for a reason. Please, have a sense of humor. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, especially to my role models who don't know they're my role models, but if you are entitled to an elicit, lengthy response towards light hearted memes directed to your friends who worked with you from the same community, then I am too entitled to state my opinion on this matter.

I personally believe that all these actions and time wasted on these small issues are a complete waste of time and in general, plain asinine. There shouldn't be such large tensions within your own damn community. You all should be worrying about bigger issues in the space and tackling your own problems. And if this issue is really that important, there are certainly other less disparaging ways to handle the situation.

I still cannot believe what I witnessed today.

I would just like to remind everyone that I am still committed to REACH!, their goals, and other SEA org's goals too. However, I did not come back to UC Berkeley to see these organizations and friends crumble within themselves.

On a brighter noooteee... Steven got Justine and I boba and legit sushi :)! Thank you! So sweet and delicious ♥

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