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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, September 3, 2012 @ 12:53 AM

Today's love:

Went to the temple and was spiritually invigorated and inspired; I never felt so... natural and at home. I don't know, I felt so connected with everybody. Religion brings everyone together (in this case, Thai food did too, haha)... It's a form of mechanical solidarity; I learned it from Sociology! :)
Real talk with Justine toooo, I loved it ♥ I won't go too indepth in the public though, but I haven't had real talk ever since I last talked to Michael... It felt good; our understanding grew stronger, and I'm happy (: Realized problems about ourselves, and set goals for future!
And then a trip to Concord with my lovely! Longarse trip... but electronics&puppies&pho made it worth it. And bonding of course (:
Came home to Debbie's dumplings and tried to plan her boothang's two week stay, LOL. I also serenaded to Justine subconsciously by singing Boyfriend by the Biebs. LOOOOL

Today's rant:

Dear you,

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I think today is the day where I give up trying. So many times have I tried to sustain our friendship, and many times have I asked to hang out, but there you go asking other people to hang and leaving me behind in the dust. Not even a hello or text or anything. It's always me now that starts the conversation, and that coming from me itself means a lot, because I personally have the hardest time taking the first initiative to do anything with people. And even when I try to talk to you, it seems you don't want to continue the conversation, and I KNOW you talk more than that.
But you know, after today, I don't know about you anymore. I can see through your exterior now. Your high levels of quintessential optimism can no longer phase me; I can see clearly right through it. And I'm done. I tried to scrap what was left and make the best out of it, but I can't continue doing this if this effort isn't reciprocated.
So I'll just be a casual friend now. Thank you for being a best friend, for being there for me whenever I needed you, for being there for me when I was down, and for making me the happiest when I was once close to you. Thank you for visiting me when I was gone, thank you for making my first year so amazing and exciting. I honestly don't know what happened, especially since we invested so much time with each other, but I can no longer keep you constant in my thoughts because all you do now is bring me grief and pain for losing you. So to make my life a little less burdened, I need to let go of you and stop holding onto false hopes.

My sincerest apologies,
Someone who thought our friendship meant something special

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