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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 @ 11:00 PM
Cal Rotaractors! >:D

Yesterday's recap:
- REACH! 1st general meeting :) To be totally honest, I got lost, came in late, and felt very, very awkward. Like, I didn't know who to talk to since everyone was already in their groups. :/ I'm such an awkward person. I was kind of glad I left the meeting early... Nevertheless it was really nice to see everyone again (:
- Meetup w/ Cristina to Cal Rotaract! :) I'm currently sick and she knew so she gave me Halls OMGGggg SOOO SWEET ♥
- Met her friend Jennifer and Jennifer's friend Serina :) CHILL GIRLS! Serina's an art minor like me, yay!
- Cal Rotaract meeting was the shizznittt, yo! Nice cozy room, legit banner, thumpin' music, creative movie edit, and wonderful/upbeat presentation. Pure confident leaders, I must say! I am sooo excited to join this organization! I'm applying for their internship so please hope for me! -crosses fingers-
- Hung out in Cristina's dorm in U3 Beverly Cleary! Omg it is a HUGE upgrade from the usual U3 dormitory. Like, daaaaaayum. It reminded me of UCLA's dorms! But bigger rooms, of course. And the co-ed bathrooms, like always.
- FOOTHILL LATENIGHT! ♥ I finally tried their steak dish with waffle fries and mac&cheese (I know SO UNHEALTHY)! Thank you Cristina :)
- Went to Jennifer's friend's suite in foothill. We got super lost getting to his place but we found it after 10 minutes LOL. Interesting guy friends, I might add!
- Used Bearwalk for the first time x)
- Went back to Cristina's dorm 'cause I forgot my key LOL. She bought me ice cream though, so sweet, literally!
- Good day meeting a whole mess of freshmen. I love them! (:

Today's recap:
- Art 8 discussion was not the business. We examined a white rubix cube for an hour. WTFMAN. W.T.F. Waste of my time, seriously! But the drawing session afterwards was pretty interesting. One thing I learned today: I suck at being abstract. It seems like the less you know, the more "creative" and abstract you are, which is what my GSI seem to like very much. Screw it. I wish I can get a different one who can at least acknowledge my current skill :| I don't think he likes my stuff lololol. Obviously I'm in the wrong class but it's a requirement for the other art classes fml.
- I called Tiffany's shirt girly and she thought I implied her boothang was gay since it was his shirt and I didn't know that, LOL. Good times, good times (: Especially when we were walking down the stairs LOLOL SORRY TIFF!
- zzzz boring day :(

I read your letter again while I was decorating my bulletin board... I... I don't know how to feel... I feel so entirely conflicted, it's...

goddamnit why can't my boy be more metaphorically cute and shizzzzz and write unique non-general things :(
...Robert, your girl is one lucky person! I'm just sayin'! (x

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