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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 4:25 AM
I woke up at 2pm.

Amazing day with my favorite star :) I love how he always manages to surprise me with every little thing, regardless of everything... hehe ♥
I went to his house today and his mom didn't know I was coming over so she suddenly pushed her laundry into a room to make it look less messy and apologized for it. Hehe she's so adorable :3
However I ended up spraining my ankle today from ice skating... So I have to limp/hop around. Ughhh I really hope this heals by Monday 'cause that's my elusive date with the one and only Jason Nguyen D: And that includes a lot of walking... >__< Nevertheless, I had scary fun times at the ice rink! And getting fat beforehand eating KBBQ, despite my hard efforts maintaining a healthy diet and working out.
....thanks Derek :b I also had a nice time window shopping with him too (:

On another note... skype session with da boyyyy (:! Hehe he surprised me with a few things he got from UO, including that super cuuuuuteeeeee Boo (the cute popular internet phenomenon Pomeranian pup!!) plush!! SOOO CUUUTEEE! Of course he was taunting me with it... that bastard.
But he's still sweet :3 More bitter though. Bittersweet. Hahaha. I miss you! Just 4 more agonizing days... 4 days that I want to pass quickly, but 4 days I want to end slowly, because that means... SCHOOL.