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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, August 13, 2012 @ 1:09 AM
Dark Valley.

and every single time I encountered the heat (going outside the house, getting out the car, exiting stores, etc) I kept on complaining and making the friggen 60%-80% humidity more obvious than it already is. Like gosh, I'd get annoyed of myself.
One good thing about Berks = NO HUMIDITY
I just wish Moreno Valley can be just pure heat and no moist air. HADLEY CELLS ohhhhh ecology knowledge! Rising warm air carries moisture (:

I need more time in a day. I watched Dark Knight Rises and DAYUM that was good. And catwoman was the shizzles.

Persuaded my bro to get some Giorgio Armani cologne (MMMMm I love the soft woodsy musky smell~) and bought a whole mess of pants today. I also came back home to a 2x bigger brother (buff wise) so he has to get bigger pants and get his watch altered for a bigger fit. HAHA. He has a 6 pack and he got it in a month! Without a diet or anything, really. Just working out lol. He started out with a very very low fat percentage anyways (he's preeeetty tall and thin!) so it's much easier for his abs to show. His arms are bigger too but it's not as firm...! Firm stomach though lolol.
I wish I can be as buff, shoot. :( I'm gonna work out wif him tomorrow (aka a couple hours later)! ^__^ 2 hour sessions here we goooo (aka please give me mercy)!