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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 1:19 AM
Cal vs. USC

Some blibber blabber, random musings past midnight.
1. I want to go to that football game with the boy so we can see Mary & experience the USC tailgating!
2. It's cheaper for me to buy the Cal ticket.
3. But it's been my dream since middle school to cheer on USC and bleed red&gold.
4. How fun would it be to dress up with Mary?! x) If we're dressing up... :B
5. But even so, I can't sit next to her during the game since she's a student and I'm a guest. Unless my USC id still works... but then the boy can't sit with us either. :(
6. How am I going to get there?! $1 greyhound?!
7. So if this all goes accordingly... I'm hoping Mary will be able to house us for a weekend! (:
8. But worst of all... What will my fellow Berkeley bears think of me?! Haha and I'm gonna drag him along too so muahaha!
9. I MISS YOU MARY! Must remind myself to send you a small care package with some sprinkled love... ♥