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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 @ 4:15 AM
A projection for the future.

So many pathways available to me, yet I can only choose one.
I am trying to chase after them all by dividing my time and efforts into all of them, but in reality, that method of thinking is only bringing me down, academically and mentally.
Health, education, art.
Doctor, minority representative for education, concept artist/illustrator.
Scientific research, education internships, tech/gaming internships.
Lately I've been looking at internships for Sony, Nintendo, or even Microsoft; I've also inquired about getting internships for Bridges in Berkeley. Not only that, I began to express interest (or desperation) to find a suitable science research position.
I always tell others I'll eventually do them all, but realistically, is that healthy for me? Of course not. Spreading myself out too thin is the worst thing I can do, because I have that one major setback where I might not get into anything at all.
Some people are envious of my "multiple talents/passions," allowing more options for the future, but somewhere in this journey, I become lost within them all and don't know which direction I should be headed.
My health interest was brought upon by my parents and the Health Academy, my education/minority rights passion sparked by REACH! and other API orgs, and my art dedication fostered by my own self.
Where oh where shall I go? I am lagging on everything (work study, research inquiries, intern applications, CLASSES) because I'm so gosh darn indecisive about this.
Hardest decision in my life.