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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 1:35 AM
Sweet disposition.

also Lenna remember to behave. we worry about you up there without us to watch over you.. although you have friends up there that do watch over you, they aren't me and Christina. believe it or not you have changed since high school so of course we worry because through my experience a change can completely flip a person and put them on a path that isnt good. i know many people who were top students but they went to college and college ruined who they were and they turned into just another person who lost so much and joined all the other normal people in the world. and you are definitely not normal you are extraordinary and you have soooo much potential.
(I just saw this right now--don't shoot me! x))
HMM I see [negative] change within myself as well, but that's only evident if you pass through my daily life, so I'm kind of perplexed on how you noticed it. Hopefully I'll fix that once school in the fall resumes!
Ah, always watching over me. It's friends like you who I actually try hard for; always encouraging me to do my best. I love you dearly ♥ What a sweet surprise :')
However I can assure you that in terms of... how shall I put it... habitual things, I'm still holding true to my morals. I do have to admit, however, I'm slowly becoming accustomed (and therefore more comfortable) to what is considered real "college life," but don't fret--I do none of that, hehe. Maybe future raves and/or clubs just to experience it, but unlike everyone else I'll be sober (like I've always been) and definitely not drugged LOL.

I also got a voicemail from a friend asking to hang out. I haven't gotten one of those in FOREVER. They're always usually made by text or through facebook; never asking to hang out via phone call. If you made that effort to ask me in a way people usually avoid, I'll definitely hit you up :)