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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 12:13 AM
Dim sumting.

Friggen awesome weekend, spent with my favorite people (:

Kaskade's Freak of Nature @ SF; first rave with Justine (: ♥ I really can't wait for our next one, whatever that is! We'll get ready for reals next time ;D
Saturday started off well with Costco and Ike's Lair in the middle of Oakland, and since then things have gone downhill... In this case, the negatives really did outweigh the positives. But I don't want to share; I don't want to write down such things, because those things should be left and forgotten.
Why can't all humans be good? My heart and sincerest apologies go out to the both of you. ♥

But omg Kaskade.... HE WAS SOOOO GOOD. I was dancing all night long! I sang along to most of his songs! He played a ton of my favorites too; old and new! AHHHHH ♥ Kaskade!! And best of all, Justine and I were probably the only ones sober out of the entire venue; WE LEGIT x) Thank youu, I had such a wonderful time with you; I'm glad things worked out for us in the end!

Sunday consisted of almond pretzel making hehehe! Bobbie and parents; the toppings were good, but the pretzel itself... was more like bread haha! I also went to dim sum earlier with Nhi, Luke, and Steven and omggg we went to 3 restaurants and like 3+ bakeries before finally settling. Indecisive people, we are. But my favorite part of my day was Steven and his accidental car vandalism... LOLOL I cannot help but giggle to myself every time I replay that scene in my head. He basically accidentally threw his boba on a moving SUV because the driver was being annoying and the expressions around us was SO HILARIOUS. So there were like splatters of whitish marks on the car... LOL I wonder what the man's expression was when he saw it... ROFL

Good day, good night!