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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 2:25 AM
Dear you,

I thought you were really really friggen cool when you told me you wanted to combine your passion in the sciences and the arts (something I've always wanted to accomplish) through computer science and how your interests lie in several forms of art, including photography. You also seem artfully skilled; I was impressed.
I thought you were really intelligent and ambitious because of your goals and plan to fix what you messed up on. You also seemed to know how to voice your ideas clearly. I can definitely push the idea of all your drug/alcohol usage and the fact you talk as if you were always high aside if you were this awesome. And best of all, you were really laid back and open to all ideas (and maybe sort of cute, in a hipster-y way). A rarity, perhaps.

But for someone who seems to know their shiz, you really suck at displaying it in an enthusiastic way. (and you seriously say too much unnecessary information)
You also ruined our presentation by totally not following what we had planned for 20 minutes before it. Not only did you forget to bring the items for our presentation, you absolutely sucked the excitement out of our presentation by utterly giving the answer away to the class instead of having the class actually participate in it RIGHT after I said they will. Way to be a joykill. (and causing confusion amongst the class)
You also made us look highly unorganized by not following what were on the slides and getting ahead of yourself by mentioning things not chronologically.
And worst of all, you made the both of us lose points for things that could be compromised if you followed through our plan.

Oh yeah, good luck majoring in "pre-med" and doing something "artsy" with a computer science minor; for someone who prefers non technological ways for everyday life and for someone who doesn't know how to use powerpoint much, I wish you the best in the programming world. I do highly respect how you view computer science as an art (I've honestly never seen it that way before), but you can't create impacting art without knowing your tools.

Much love,