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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 @ 10:30 PM
Kombucha Synergy.

Dude, I just drank alcohol without even knowing it.
It was just a normal day with Steven and I, going to Oakland to pick up my packages and it was a hot day so we both stopped by 7/11 to get some drinks to quench our thirst.
I grabbed a drink called Kombucha which is organic and stuff and is known to be very healthy and nutritious. How it's made is that it's naturally fermented, so it "may contain a trace of alcohol." To my luck, my drink fermented a little too much because I had this drink before without any side effects.
Soon after I finished the bottle, I started to feel my cheeks turning all hot and the blood was rushing to my head. My face was all red. I was wondering why on earth why I was feeling that way and then Steven reminded me that it "contained a trace of alcohol" and he was saying how cute my flushed face was EWWww LOL oh man that was the weirdest feeling ever since I never had any weird reactions from foods/drinks before. :(
He said he's proud of me since I had my first alcoholic drink with him LOLOL -______- silly boy; that don't count! I promised Robert to have my first alcoholic drink with him ...if I ever decide to drink. I hate that feeling of the asian glow UGHHH. I has weak tolerance lol fml ):