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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 7:35 PM

So this is it
My search is over
You filled a void
I wasn't aware of

Every wrong door
And its wrong exit
I'll finally accept it
'Cause it led me to you

I LOVE YOU CLARA, YOUR VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE MY FAVORITE VOICE @____@ because you keep it CLASSY beautiful and not suggestively beautiful. My idol ♥

1. I went with Justine to get her new ear piercing! Dude the very idea sounds very sfgljiakf but throughout the process she didn't even squint one bit while I was watching her get it. That strong womyn, I swear! We have similar tastes dough hehehe. Must find those gorgeous rings! ♥ I also made her become a pescatarian in like 5 minutes HAHA iwuvyewsss

2. I saw miss Alex Ho today! ♥

3. One of my friends gave me a box of strawberries :') I was really hungry too. So sweet!

4. So I was petting a cat today and one of my other friends was like, "it meows cuter than you."

.......da eff. Do I look like a cat to you?!!! Shoot -____-

5. Can't wait for this weekend YAAAY! I'm just excited to try out my film cameruhhh :D d-land and Huntington beach and photogenic people???? Can't forget the socal food! ^_____^