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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 @ 1:20 AM

I was browsing through my facebook updates today, glancing at pictures and snickering at some ridiculous posts, and then I stumbled upon your familiar face. Immediately, warm, happy feelings came through me, nothing but smiles, yet tinted with some regret. However, I do not regret the late nights where we talked until the sun shone in the morning glory, nor do I regret risking my treasured phone during class to text you at least once every thirty minutes to beat you at our bet. If that same phone can only be revived, I would shuffle through our conversations again. ...But maybe that was meant to be, because those messages would hurt me. What I do regret is losing complete contact with you and not giving enough effort to maintain our once precious friendship. Even though we never really spent that much time in person together, I would have called you one of my best friends back then. Maybe even more, if certain circumstances changed.
You have made an amazing impact on my life. Your views, your charisma, your heart, your gentle touch to others' hearts; they shaped me. Albeit, I do miss talking to you about everything and nothing. I remember how I was back then; quiet and reluctant to talk. I remember you had to force me to strike up a conversation, even though you knew I enjoyed listening to you. If you can only see me now, see how much I've learned and changed for the better in this past year, you would break out a smile.
If I could only remember one thing and one thing only from our countless hours over the phone, I would remember your heartfelt promise that affirmed our special bond between us: no matter what happens, no matter if we lose contact or not, you will always be there for me for help and guidance when the present or future looks bleak. I know with my heart that this is not a petty white lie or a lofty exaggeration, because your words are the purest and the realist I've ever felt.
And alas, I will do the same for you. I hope your life has been an uplifting and fulfilling journey. When I see you again--if I ever see you again--it will be the first time that I will lead our endless conversation.