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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @ 5:41 AM
The Pen Addict.

Mmm, I feel loved. ^____^ ♥

I don't know how he managed to know what the top rated pens are, or if it was just pure luck and coincidence, but man am I really really really enjoying the new pens he got me :)! 0.3, liquid ink, pilot... Japanese imported, and definitely popular amongst pen fanatics--what else can I ask for?! It actually makes me look forward to taking notes LOL. I can not stop raving about them @_____@ ♥ The only downside to these pens is that the ink gets used up rather quickly, but that's A-OK! That means more PEN SHOPPING in Japantown! :D Or Little Tokyo, wherever's closer. Haha.
I've always had an obsession with pens; the ink flow rate, drying rate, if it ever clogs or skips, bleeding, waterproofness, smoothness. You know the dealio. I enjoyed my sakura microns but those are mainly used for drawing in my case. Ahh, my new precious babies; after my copic markers of course. Japanese writing/drawing tools are just the best in general! One day, I will find the perfect ball point pen for me; a type of pen that I despise using the most. Watch my collection growww~

And that's all for today's forecast.