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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, May 5, 2012 @ 2:28 AM
Pause, and rewind.

Yesterday, I really wanted to take a nap on that couch, working at the living room table all night studying... But not after it has been through. Oh, it has been tainted. /shudder

It also reminded me when some of my friends told me about the couches in 515 Eshelman. I couldn't believe people would do such things in a public space... Dude, I sit there during my meetings. They better invest in new couches once the new spaces have been reestablished. Gosh, people need to learn how to control themselves in public situations.

So yeah, yesterday was it. The final final at USC, you have been done for. I learned several things about myself this semester, and about my friends. This distance... was kind of like a test. For many things. But this distance from LA to home, it also proved a lot of things. The feeling of friends visiting you from back home, it's a remarkable feeling.

Later, I'm going for a solo shoot at night. Hopefully it won't be too scary. Finally, it will the time to explore the campus and reflect everything that happened, and fully take in the school and appreciate what it has given me.
Only a few more days until I depart, back to Moreno Valley. I really don't want to leave... I love the warm rays that greet me nearly every day and the bustling streets of LA... Oh, how I love thee.