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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, April 16, 2012 @ 3:05 AM
Starving artist.

I love it when she calls meeee hehe. I really do hope I'm able to live with her again, but looking at the current situation, it's pretty unlikely, sad to say. After a long "quick chat" with her over the phone, I began to miss what we used to have. Reminiscing. Nostalgia. I want to tell her so much that happened with my life, but there's just so much that I don't know what to say. I just want to see her everyday, just like the old times. Tell her what happened on a daily basis about my day, rant to her about drama, gossip about our circle of friends... Bust random missions to occupy Occupy in the middle of the night, haha!

My girlfraaand ♥ I misshh youuu ): You may not see that from me but believe me, I do think about you frequently. HAHA I sound like a sad creeper whose love is unrequited.

On another hand, I'm really really really excited for Senior Weekend and CalVSA's Culture Show. Although I'm not like... 100% involved with either, jumbles of joy and excitement rumble in my stomach just thinking about it! Very worthwhile. Even though I have a midterm Tuesday I come back. Ohhh boy... Gotta divide my time very evenly during the weekend! (and I'm double teaming with Justine to persuade a mentee to go to Berkeley instead of Brown, oooomph!)