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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, March 15, 2012 @ 2:30 PM
One love.

Since being up here in Berkeley, I've been having the time of my life. No lie. I get to see my girlfriend, my loves, my boo thangs, you know--my realest friends. I've barely been checking my email/facebook because I'm just so busy being with everyone, but now I finally have time to myself, in a place where I used to study. I miss my old dorm room.
I've been really behind on spring break homework (oh why oh why do you do this to us).
So many things have happened, so little time to sit down, reflect, and write; I miss having the busy life. Although stressful, it's ending result is well worth it.
Anyways, I stumbled upon an article saying about combining a major with the arts and how it's very prevalent at USC, which holds dearly to my heart:

"I loved the idea," says Mr. Nikias. "I see the arts as the 'secret weapon' of USC as a research university. Our valedictorian a few years ago came to us because she wanted to have a double major in computer science and biology with a minor in theater. And 25% to 30% of students at the Thornton School of Music have a minor in another discipline. We launched an arts and humanities initiative on campus that gives every student the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the arts. It's important because the arts are carriers of messages that tell us who we are. Of course," he reveals, "once I said yes, it was Ralph and Rob Cutietta who did all the work."
One last thing I'd like to note (sorry for jumping topics) is I'm really happy to see Justine again! ^__^ Although she's really super busy so I haven't the time to really bond with her yet ):

ohfrck it's thursday and I haven't started on my bio lab or essay yet fmlll

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