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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 8:41 PM
Quite ironic.

It's so strange; I never blog about my happiest/funnest moments when I really should. I guess there's just so much I never bother to write it out. However I would like to remember my spring break in Berkeley (spending my days with Kelvin, Justine, Tony, Steven, Retention (LOLOLXRATEDBONDINGLOLOLIwillneverforget♥), REACH!, VSA, and of course the library), the day Christian, Joseph, and Tito surprised me by visiting me, the second time they came for my VCN (saw Phat@Rosco's/LACMA!), and the most recent Not for Sale Benefit concert ♥ I think Tito will be the only person I'll ever be comfortable dancing around with x) I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some other "memorable" days... but that's because I have horrible memory (thus I journal!). I also went on a field trip to Blossom today (with my entire lunch paid for and errthang) with my New Vietnam Culture&Diaspora class :D

Uhh yeahhh what else... Friends will be visiting me throughout this weekend and next week! My lovelies (anika and kristie OMGGGGG KILLER COMBO♥), Robert, and Erick are visting tomorrow and Robert's staying til Sunday and Christina, Tito, a special someone and I miiight get down Saturday, my girlfriend's going to come Monday and then a certain party animal is staying over Thursday til the next sundaaaay! And then Tony is visiting afterwards omgahhh SO MANY DISTRACTIONS for such a long period of time but I love them too much to ignore them. Talk about guilty pleasures! They're the highlights of my 2nd semester, no lie. ♥