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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 1:28 PM
Cheery tomatoes.

Drawing class went absolutely fantastic today.
I was really scared of coming, since I missed Tuesday's drawing session and the professor emailed me telling to go to class 30 minutes into it (seriously) that day, so I thought she was going to be really mad at me since there was a model and it's really expensive for models to come :x
Turns out she was really concerned today and asked why, and I foolishly lied and said I overslept when in truth I had to study for a midterm that afternoon. Bahh, she was still thoughtful though. I never would've thought a college professor would ask me about my absence.

So I was obviously behind; Tuesday people had a head start on their final and most people had 1/3 of the model's 3 portraits done. I had none, and I only had 2.5 hours to start and finish it. The day before, I bought $15 worth of art supplies (that was so friggen ridiculous; 3 conte pencils and 2 sheets of tan paper wth) and I never used those types of pencils before so I really took my chances for the final. Turns out a lot of people were complimenting me as they walked by and even the model said my portraits look awesome and like him! :)!! Too bad we finished too late so no comments/critiques were said from my professor, but that class today was a real motivator. :)
I was really proud of my piece to be frank; mind you that the pieces were still amateur looking but I was proud of the progression and quick adaptation to the conte pencils. The first portrait was iffy, but then as the 2nd and 3rd one was drawn, I could seriously see my improvement within those three portraits. I was really weirded out, but happy.

I really do have to thank Yoji Shinkawa though; his style of drawing older, worn out men really helped me a lot and speedied up my process. I was done with lots of time leftover too! :)

and now... to catch up and finish the 3 paintful art assignments over spring break. It's going to be so bothersome bringing my canvas pad to and fro norcal -_-;